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Extension Education Six major areas

Extension Education - Six major areas

  •  1.New life knowledge:

Set up diversity programs provide a diversified learning needs of students, including courses in languages, health, psychology, computers, arts, etc.

  •  2.License Guidance:

Handle license training classes in various fields to assist trainees in obtaining certificates and increasing professional capabilities.

  •  3.Teacher Training:

HandleThe following for senior high school and kindergarten teachers can gain the expertise of credit classes, each filling expertise and second expertise credit classes.

  •  4.Training Credits:

Handle various credit courses, Including the transfer of credits for public servants and the upgrading of credits for professional accomplishment in various fields.

  •  5.Senior Learning:

From the bid to organize the Ministry of Education’s senior age plan to plan the students to study at their own expense,In the future, senior citizens are encouraged to move toward self-finance learning courses.

  •  6.Enterprise training:

According to enterprise features to assist with the training courses.

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