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Chief Yiu-Liang Huang
Chief     Yiu-Liang Huang
TEL (06) 213-3111 #220, Office C211 ext. 531
E-mail liang@mail.nutn.edu.tw
Education Ph.D. ,National Tsiung Hua University
Research Interests Numerical Analysis、Scientific Computing、Computational Fluid Dynamics

Director of Teaching Affairs Section

Degree Ph.D. ,National Tsiung Hua University

Officer Shing-Ni Hsieh
TEL (06) 213-3111 #222
E-mail nizi@mail.nutn.edu.tw

Staff of Teaching Affairs Section,Web site management

[College of Education]

           1.Department of Education,

           2.Department of Special Education,

           3.Department of Counseling and Guidance,

           4.Department of Early Childhood Education,

           5.Department of Physical Education

[College of Environmental Sciences and Ecology]

           1.Department of Greenergy Technology,

           2.Department of Biological Sciences and Technology,

           3.Department of Ecoscience and Ecotechnology,,

Officer Shao-Fen Lu
TEL (06) 213-3111 #225
E-mail lulu@mail.nutn.edu.tw

Staff of Teaching Affairs Section、Classroom loan

[College of Humanities and Social Sciences]

             1.Department of Chinese and Literature,

             2.Department of English,

             3.Department of Cultural and Natural Resources


[College of Management]


             1.Department of Public Administration and Management,

             2.Department of Business and Management


Officer Ching-Ping Lin
TEL (06) 213-3111 #223
E-mail chping@mail.nutn.edu.tw

Staff of Teaching Affairs Section
[College of Performance and Visual Arts]

            1.Department of Music,

            2.Department of Visual Arts and Design,

            3.Department of Drama Creation and Application

[College of Science and Engineering]

            1.Department of Materials and Science,

            2.Department of Applied Mathematics,

            3.Department of Information Learning Technology,

            4. Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering,

            5. Department of Electrical Engineering


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